What is a Bursary

Guide to Understating Bursaries in 2024

What is a bursary? A bursary is a type of financial assistance that is provided to students to help them with educational costs. Bursaries are offered to learners or students who cannot afford to pay for their university/college expenses.

Different Kinds of Bursaries

There are few types of bursaries and we are going to go through and every type in detail.

Bursaries Offered Based on Financial Need

These bursaries are granted based on demonstrated financial hardship. Students must show evidence that they cannot afford expenses like tuition, books, housing, and more. The bursary aims to cover basic necessities to remove barriers to education. Need-based bursaries help students from low-income backgrounds attend school.

Bursaries Awarded Because of Academic Excellence

What is a bursary in south africa?
What is a bursary in south africa?

This type rewards top academic performance. Students with outstanding grades, test results, extracurriculars, or other achievements may qualify. The funding serves as an incentive for excellent scholars to keep succeeding. Merit-based bursaries enable strong students to pursue their studies.

Bursaries for Specific Subject Areas

What is a bursary in south africa?
What is a bursary in south africa?

Some bursaries encourage study in high-demand fields like science, technology, engineering, healthcare, and education. Eligible students must show aptitude and interest in the targeted subject. These bursaries develop talent in essential career areas requiring specialized knowledge.

Who Can get a Bursary?

Students and leaners needs to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for ar bursary

  • Good grades and scores – Most bursaries require minimum 65% average
  • Some bursaries might require a certain percentage/level on some subjects , Example: Mathematic 60%
  • Financial status – You might need to supply pay slips or copy of government grant slips to prove financial inability to pay
  • Field of study – Some bursaries are offered for for particular courses only.
  • Your Location – Some Bursary eligibility may depend on area of residence, especially government bursaries.
  • College or University enrollment status – If you are doing Grade 12 some bursaries will need proof that you have applied, for those who are already in college/university. Some bursaries might need proof of acceptance or enrollment

Fulfilling all specified criteria is key to obtaining bursary assistance. Students should verify they meet requirements before applying.

Why Apply for a Bursary?

most bursaries will pay for all your college or university expenses

  • Bursaries Help cover tuition and school fees
  • They can help reduce student debt and loan burdens
  • Bursaries gives you access to higher learning institutions irrespective of your background
  • Merit bursaries can motivate students and learners to get good grades
  • They also encourage people to study courses that are not easily accessible
  • Some Bursaries covers for your food, transport , books and accommodation
  • You get to focus on your studies instead of worrying about finances
  • Some bursaries will also offer some sort of learnership during school holidays
  • You Stand a higher chance of getting employed by the same organization that is funding you

Overall, bursaries make schooling more feasible for students needing financial aid. They provide crucial funding so learners can achieve their potential.

How to Apply for Bursaries in 2024

If interested in bursaries, students can:

  • Search on our website for bursaries from various companies
  • Visit the financial aid office at your school or institution of learning
  • Check if you qualify for the bursary before submitting applications
  • Apply before the closing date
  • Send all required documents, always read the instructions carefully

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