TUT Prospectus 2022

TUT is a technological university, and one of its primary strategic goals is the advancement of South Africa’s human resources. In partnership with industry and professional bodies, learning curricula are created around a set of advanced job-related competencies and requirements. Professional and career-focused education is, therefore, the main focus. The school has a cooperative education system in place to help students become more prepared to practice their careers. 

This approach gives students the opportunity to spend time learning on the job throughout this exposure period. Additionally, academic offerings are created with the most recent technological developments in mind, are student-centered, and are focused on the overall development of students.

This article will provide the links for the 2022 TUT Prospectus, the different faculties they have, and essential contact details you may need. 

The Faculties at TUT

Below are the different faculties TUT currently has and the different schools that fall under those faculties. You can see each faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate degrees/diplomas in the Prospectus booklet.

Art and Design

Design Studies
Fine and Studio Arts
Interior Design
Performing Arts
Visual Communication 

Economics and Finance

Finance and Investment
Public Sector Finance

Engineering and the Built Environment

Architecture and Industrial Design
Building Sciences
Chemical, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering


Applied Languages
Integrated Communication
Public Management
Safety and Security Management
School of Education

Information and Communication Technology

Computer Science
Computer Systems Engineering
ICT First Years’ and Foundation Unit
Information Technology

Management Sciences

Business and Information Management Services
Hospitality Management
Management and Entrepreneurship
Marketing, Supply Chain, and Sport Management
Operations Management
People Management and Development
Tourism Management
Tshwane School for Business and Society


Adelaide Tambo School of Nursing Science
Animal Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Biotechnology and Food Technology
Crop Sciences
Environmental Health
Environmental, Water, and Earth Sciences
Mathematics and Statistics
Nature Conservation
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sports, Rehabilitation, and Dental Sciences

How To Download The TUT Prospectus For 2022

You may see the TUT Prospectus online for free or download and print a copy using the links below. TUT does offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas. For your convenience, they have been added into one downloadable document. 

Download The TUT Prospectus 2022

If you can still not access the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Prospectus 2022, seek help through the TUT official webpage.

Contact Information

Contact number: 

086 110 2421



SMS Number:




(This Bursary/Scholarship Listing Last Updated on August 2, 2022)

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