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Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary 2022

About Toyota Tsusho Africa

Toyota Tsusho is a member of the Toyota Group that operates globally and has over 900 subsidiaries and partner companies (known as affiliates). It offers a wide range of services, including engineering, machinery installation, warehouse and storage, forwarding, and site cleaning.

The Toyota Tsusho Africa, founded in 1999, is the African arm of Toyota Tsusho. In Africa, it has operations in 53 out of the 54 African nations. Making use of the latest technologies to enable mobility and automation, it aims to transform the continent.

Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary 2022

Toyota Tsusho Africa is offering financial help to a certain number of students in the form of bursaries. Known as the Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary Programme, it aims to lift the unprivileged and strengthen the labor market of South Africa.

For the academic session 2022, the bursaries will be awarded in the fields of study mentioned below:

Accounting (BCom/Honours/Masters)
Business Science (BCom/Honours/Masters)
Computer Science (BSc/Honours/Masters)
Digital Business (Undergraduate/Honours/Masters)
Entrepreneurship (BCom/Honours/Masters)
Environmental Science (Undergrad/Honours/Masters)
Human Resource Management (Undergraduate/Honours/Masters)
Information Technology (BSc/Honours/Masters)
Legal and Risk Management (Undergraduate/Honours/Masters)
Mechanical Engineering (BEng/Honours/Masters)
Sales and Marketing (BCom/Honours/Masters)
Supply Chain Management (BCom/Honours/Masters)

The value of the bursary will depend on the course and related expenses. Initially, the funding will be for one academic year. Bursars will have to reapply to receive funding for the following year, and it is not guaranteed.

As part of the bursary agreement, students will have to take part in vacation work during university holidays. They will gain much-needed work experience to join the labor market.

More information will be provided to shortlisted candidates.

Eligibility Criteria For Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary

To be selected for the bursary programme, students must satisfy all the eligibility criteria. Since there is a limited number of bursaries on offer, not everyone applying will be awarded. The eligibility requirements are the first selection procedure. Only those fulfilling all the criteria will be shortlisted. Therefore, always cross-check with the following requirements for the bursary before applying:

Must be either a South African citizen or a permanent resident
Must either currently be in Matric or have completed Matriculation
Must be either studying or willing to take up a full-time qualification at a recognised South African  institution
Must be willing to study at an institution that’s recognised
Must be pursuing education in one of the fields of study mentioned above
Must have scored at least 65% overall average in Matric
Must have maintained a strong tertiary record throughout the studies

This is a meritorious bursary programme. Hence, those with a superior academic track record will get preference over others.

How to Apply For The Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary?

Eligible candidates are requested to move forward with the application process and apply for the bursary. It’s a simple and short process that shouldn’t take more than an hour. However, you should be diligent and not rush through it. Incomplete or incorrect submissions are rejected without further consideration. Here are the steps involved in applying for the Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary:

The first step is to download and complete the official application form below:

Download The Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary Application Form 2022

It’s in Docx format, so you’d have to use Word Processor software to fill up the application.

Documents Required

For the next step, you’d have to prepare the following documents:

ID documents (certified copies only)
Matric certificate, if completed Matriculation (certified copies)
Matric recent results, if currently in Matric (certified copies)
Full academic record, if currently at university (certified copies)
Proof of acceptance into the university (for 1st-year students) (must be on tertiary letterhead)
Fee invoice from the university (must be on tertiary letterhead)
ID documents of parents/spouse/guardians
Proof of household income (payslips if employed; affidavit if unemployed; pension receipts if applicable)

Scan all the documents and save them in PDF format.

Lastly, email your application along with the documents to ‘pamela.govender@ttaf.co.za.’ Write ‘Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary Application – Your Full Name’ in the subject line.

Closing Date Of The Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary

The last date for applying for the Toyota Tsusho Africa Bursary is 30 November 2021. Submissions made after this date will not be considered for the bursary programme.

Contact Details Of The Bursar

For more details regarding the bursary, get in touch with Pamela Govender at her email at: pamela.govender@ttaf.co.za.

If the bursary has already been closed, please do not make any queries if the bursary is closed. View our other bursaries open for application here: https://allbursaries.co.za/notice/

(This Bursary/Scholarship Listing Last Updated on November 12, 2021)

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