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Margaret McNamara Education Grant Bursary 2021 – 2022

About Margaret McNamara Education Grant

The bursary is named after its founder, which is the Margaret McNamara Education Grant or MMEG. It is a non-profit organization and works in the public charity space. Established in 1981, it aims to support women in developing countries and empower them with education. Through this, the organization hopes to bring down gender inequality that’s seen in many countries.

The organization is influenced by the works of Margaret McNamara. She was the wife of Robert McNamara, who served as the fifth president of World Bank.

Ms. Margaret was an avid promoter of education among women. She also advocated for gender inequality. Because of her work, she was honored with the highest civilian distinction in the US, the Medal of Honour.

The organization follows her path and the bursary is a part of the legacy. The money comes from The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund that was set up for this scholarship.

The MMEG Bursary

The bursary offers financial benefits to women located in South Africa, the USA, and Canada. In South Africa, it is called “Margaret McNamara Educational Grants for African Women.”

The total bursary amounts to $15,000 annually. The low amount award is $7,000 or R 99,000. But the total amount will vary depending on funds availability and exchange rates.

Unlike other bursaries, which are limited by subject, the MMEG bursary covers any field of study. So whether it be science, arts, commerce, you’re eligible for it.

The bursary also covers all levels of education. So you may be studying towards a certificate, diploma, undergrad, or post-grad degree, you can avail the scholarship amount.

The diversity is because the scholarship wants to help as many women as possible. In South Africa, the MMEG bursary is among the few scholarships exclusively for women.

It’s worth noting that the $15,000 awarded is a one-time award and non-renewable.

Margaret McNamara Education Grant Bursary Eligibility Criteria

The bursary aims to help as many women as possible. But it’s not possible to help everyone. Therefore, to select the candidates, it lays out certain eligibility requirements.

To avail the scholarship, you must ensure you meet the requirements. Here are the criteria for the MMEG bursary:

Must be a South African citizen. Citizens of other countries are also eligible, depending on the eligibility list.
In case you’re a foreigner, you must have a study permit to study in South Africa.
Must be a woman.
Must be over 25 years of age at the time of applying.
Must have enrolled at one of these universities: the University of Cape Town, University of Witwatersrand, University of Free State (UFS), University of Pretoria, University of Stellenbosch.
Must be studying towards a Certificate, Undergrad, Grad, Post-grad degree.
Must have enrolled, either full-time or part-time. If part-time, it should be at least two courses per semester.
You must fully enroll after receiving the bursary amount.
Furthermore, you must enroll for the next academic year, i.e., January to July 2022.
Shouldn’t be related to any IMF, World Bank Group, or Inter-American Development Bank employee.
For the 2021 session, must be born before 15 September 1996.

Meeting all the eligibility criteria mentioned above does not guarantee selection. It’s the final decision of the bursary committee that is made at their own discretion.

How to Apply?

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, you should go ahead and apply for the bursary. All the applicants will be evaluated accordingly.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Submit an Online Form

The first step is to prepare and process the online application. You can get the form from the official website. To download the form, you need to register at the website and create an account. Fill out the form as per instructions, maintaining accuracy, and move to the next step.

Prepare the Documents

The next step is to prepare the necessary documents. Here’s a list of documents asked for this bursary:

ID documents
Passport and study permit, for foreigners
Second passport page for dual citizenship holders
Proof of registration at one of the five universities
Updated academic records
A brief letter describing the personal story, future plans, and motivation
A paragraph in the letter demonstrating financial needs
A brief summary of the thesis
Two reference letters

Submit the application and all the documents online and wait for the results.

Contact Details

The last date for applying is 14 September 2021.

Contact Details

For further information, contact this email ID – southafrica@mmeg.org

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