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DSI-CSIR Bursaries 2022


The Department of Science and Innovation and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research are working co-operatively to reduce the technical skills gap in South Africa and offer a bursary support programme for students who are pursuing Honour’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degrees in Engineering. Fields of study that qualify include aerospace, biotechnology, data science, biometrics, cybersecurity, and indigenous knowledge systems.

People with disabilities and those from previously disadvantaged communities are given preference. Students need to renew their bursaries each year, and a successful renewal depends on available funds and student performance. Bursaries range from R90,000-R130,000 based on the type of degree they are pursuing.

DSI-CSIR Bursaries 2022

The DSI-CSIR bursary program aims at supporting the education of qualified applicants by offering them finances. It is an inter-bursary program between DSI and CSIR to support postgraduate students. They aim to help you enhance development skills in strategic fields that are of priority when pursuing the following.

An advanced Diploma
B.Tech field of study
When studying as a 4th year engineering student
Pursuing an honors

Bursaries will be awarded for the following Thematic Research Focus Areas:

Modelling and Digital Sciences (data science, biometrics, cybersecurity)
Microsystems Technology
Titanium (manufacturing elements)
Photonics (free-space communication, fiber-optics, laser welding, and optics)
Biotechnology (Biopharming, bioprocessing, and biocatalysis)
Information and Communications Technology
Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)

For the applicant’s towards honours, the fourth year in Engineering, BTech or Advance diploma they support students who study the following specific courses.

Biotechnology and related majors
Computer Science
Data science or ICT-related majors
Engineering and related majors
Health (biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical sciences, etc.)
Information Systems
Mathematics/Applied maths/Statistics

Once you have a successful application, you receive the 2021 bursary. But this is not a guarantee that you earn it in the subsequent year. It is unless you prove to maintain outstanding academic progress and fund availability.

After completing a successful application, you receive the bursary from your university account. The amount given depends on your specific postgraduate specification to cover registration and tuition fees. You receive the second allocation monthly or quarterly from the university.

Those taking an Honors receive R100,000
Students studying for a Masters degree receive R120,000
D. students receive R140, 000

We reach out to successful applicants within two months from the registration date. Failure to any details means your application was unsuccessful.

DSI-CSIR Bursaries Requirements and Eligibility

You have to meet some of these minimum requirements for you to apply for the bursary. Failure to this leads to disregard of your application.

You must be a South African citizen
You must have a report of your mid-year progress signed by the supervisor
Be ready to submit an annual progress report (APR). We provide you with the official template
You are under a CSIR work-back agreement until you complete your studies

Application Details

Application needs to be done online at: DSI-CSIR Bursary Application 2022.

All applicants will receive an email confirmation after their application has been received.

Candidates must download and read the DSI-CSIR Inter-Bursary Support Programme (IBS) General Guidelines before applying.

Submit clear copies of the following supporting documentation along with your online application:

A South African ID, or for international students, a valid passport proving permanent residency
Provide an official and certified degree certificate from your university
A transcript from your previous degree, that shows your academic performance. It should contain a minimum accumulative academic achievement.
Proof of university application or registration (on institutions letterhead)
Curriculum Vitae
Recommendation letter/ endorsement from your Supervisor, if a Master’s or Doctoral applicant
Fees Statement or NSFAS Contract, if applicable

For successful applicants, you have to submit the following documents.

A proof from the admission letter, if available, indicating your full-time registration.
Provide some letters of reference if available

Closing Date

The closing date of the application date is  31 August 2021 

Contact Information

E-mail Address: hcd-interbursary@csir.co.za


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