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2021 Canon Collins Trust and University of London Scholarships

2021 Canon Collins Trust and University of London Scholarships 2021

Canon Collins Trust and University of London Scholarships 2021

About Canon Collins Trust

Canon Collins Trust was founded in 1981 and since then became a community of researchers and activists to create change and social impact. The trust was established by Canon John Collins, who was best known for social movements such as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Christian Action and the British Anti Apartheid Movement, through his British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa. Canon Collins Trust focuses on education and human rights to empower individuals in the southern African society.


Canon Collins Trust has started providing postgraduate scholarship programmes for Southern African since its inception. Currently, the Trust also manages other postgraduate scholarship programmes in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Malawi.


Canon Collins Trust and University of London LLM Scholarships

Canon Collins Trust is providing scholarship opportunities to students pursuing their postgraduate diploma/certificate and/or Master of Laws qualification through distance learning at the University of London for the 2021 academic year. Successful candidates will be allowed to start at any level e.g. pursue their postgraduate certificate and continue with their LLM degree, or stop upon completion of their PGcert.

The University of London will waive tuition and entrance examination fees for successful candidates who will have one to five years to complete their degree. Successful candidates will remain in the programme depending on their academic performance and satisfactory progress.


Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility

  • Although a proof of admission is not required before applying, successful candidates will need to apply for admission individually
  • Must be a citizen of, holds a refugee status in South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Zambia
  • Able to meet the University’s eligibility requirements for admission into the programme
  • Currently engaged in a part-time or full-time employment
  • Able to put in at least 10 hours of study each week


How to Apply and Application Details

Eligible applicants will need to register their profile on Canon Collins’ website.

Applicants will need to submit the following support documents:

  • ID document (e.g. passport, driver’s license, birth certificate)
  • LLM  applicants will need to submit their academic results, including degree certificates and other relevant certifications
  • Referral letters from two (2) referees
  • Copies of two latest payslips

Canon Collins prefers applicants to submit references from their employer and an academic reference. PG certificate level applicants who have yet to attend university will need to provide two (2) work references.

The reference letter should indicate how the applicant meets the selection criteria. It should also highlight the applicant’s strengths, capacity to pursue the level of qualification, and potential contribution.

Applicants are to apply separately for admission at the University of London to secure a slot on the course. Successful candidates who fail to gain admission will have their scholarship award withdrawn.

Selection criteria

Four scholarships will be awarded to successful candidates based on the following criteria:

Academic performance and references
Candidates must have completed a good undergraduate qualification in any discipline when applying for LLM admission.

Work background
Demonstrates continuity between the candidate’s current employment, career aspirations, and the chosen study.

Candidates must able to show why their chosen study matches their ambitions to make a significant impact in their sector. Moreover, candidates must be specific on their intended field of specialization and capable of demonstrating how it will be instrumental in achieving their career goals.

Leadership skills
Applicants will be required to show they evolved their leadership capabilities at work, in the academe, or personal life. Preference shall be given to applicants who point out an instance when their skills came useful in creating a common vision or strategy, supporting peers and coaching others. building strategic networks, and delivering results that lead to innovation. Canon Collins puts a high regard on leadership potential.

Commitment to community and country
The Trust prefers candidates who are dedicated to being a contributing member to South Africa’s future and prosperity.

Application form
The application form tells a lot about an applicant’s ability to communicate in English, provide answers to questions completely and accurately, complete processes and adhere to deadlines.

Closing Date

07 June 2021

Contact Details
+44 (0) 20 3770 0396

Office 8
334 Kennington Lane
London, SE11 5HY

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