2021 -2022 Computer Science and IT Bursaries South Africa 


2021 -2022 Computer Science and IT Bursaries South Africa

There is a great skills shortage in the Computer Science/ IT industry, both within South Africa and the rest of the world, but according to payscale.com (who rank job types according to the earning potential), employees in the computer science industry have some of the top median salaries of any other job niches.

If you think you can bridge the gap in this sparse market but lack the funding to carry out your studies, why not apply to one of the bursary programmes below.


Computer engineering is the integration of computer science and several fields of electrical engineering to develop computer software and hardware. Computer engineering involves many aspects of computer software and hardware such as circuit design, microprocessors, microcontrollers, personal computers and supercomputers.
Computer engineers earn around R500 000 per annum depending on years working experience.

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